Southport Photographic Society, 75th National Open Exhibition

Open For Entries From November 1st 2021

Welcome to Southport Photographic Society, 75th National Open Exhibition and its associated competition: Members’ Exhibition

Photographic Alliance GB patronage has been awarded.   Certificate of Patronage No 2022-009.

As a member of British Photographic Exhibitions, acceptances gained will count towards the BPE Crown award: see for further details.

Message from our Exhibition Coordinator, Mr. Trevor Davenport ARPS DPAGB ABPE:

Welcome to the 75th Annual National Exhibition of Photography organised by Southport Photographic Society. We feel privileged to continue the fine work of our predecessors who started this acclaimed exhibition in 1947 – three quarters of a century ago. Throughout this time, our Exhibition has always been either Prints and Slides, or Prints and PDI’s; with the exception of last year, when, due to Covid 19, we were unable to accept prints. With the uncertainties that Covid has caused we feel unable to commit to having Prints for our 75th, which we regret. However, plans are in hand for us to be able to hold and display a Print & PDI Exhibition in 2023. 

We look forward with great pleasure to receiving your images in the four classes that we will select for this year, and we wish you every success with your entries.

Mr. Trevor Davenport  ARPS DPAGB ABPE


If you have any queries regarding an entry or any other aspect of the exhibition: please contact:


Staged with the Patronage of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and British Photographic Exhibitions, Crown Awards & Distinctions.
Photographic Alliance GB patronage has been awarded Certificate of Patronage No 2022-009

Exhibition Entry

Online Entry Open / Members:

Exhibition Information

The exhibition consists of four (4) classes with up to four (4) entries allowed in each Class.  There will be a minimum of 60 awards of Medals, Ribbons and Certificates to be won across the classes.

Projected Digital Images (PDI)

  • Open Colour
  • Open Monochrome
  • Nature
  • Scapes

Members Class

  • Open PDI


Open Monochrome and Colour

Gwen Charnock. FRPS  MPAGB  APAGB

Phil Charnock. FRPS  MPAGB  APAGB

Gordon Jenkins. Hon PAGB

Nature, Scapes and Members’ Exhibition

Stephanie Cook. DPAGB  APAGB  EFIAP/b

Roger Evans. MPAGB  FBPE  EFIAP/p

Gordon Rae. ARPS  MPAGB