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The Society welcomes images taken by camera, phone or any other photographic device in all competitions. The photographer must have taken all images and have full copyright for all the elements within them. Manipulated images are welcome in most competitions provided the photographer did the manipulation. Royalty Free and Copyright Free Images are not acceptable. Image manipulation is NOT allowed in Natural History and Documentary competitions where truth of the image is vital.

Images should be correctly and clearly titled (see Preparation of Entries). In the Documentary and Natural History competitions titles must be factual, accurate and specific to the subject matter. Latin names should be used for Natural History.

The Society organises three kinds of competition every season: championship, set subject and special. Competition closing dates are at the back of this syllabus.
An individual image may be used up to four times: once in a Championship Competition; once in one of the Set Subject Competitions; once in the Theme Panel Competition and once in the Anna Pollitt Sports Competition or the Scapes Competition. Members may enter up to two images in each competition.

Championship Competitions

There are four Championship Competitions. Each have a separate print and projected digital image (PDI) competition. Members are free to choose any subject. Members compete for two trophies, one for overall winner in the PDI (Vera Becket Cup) and one for Prints (Centenary Cup).

Set Subject Competitions

There are seven set subject competitions (and Trophies) as follows, with the exception of Creative, the medium alternates every year between PDI and Print (See Details of the Competition):

  • Monochrome – Sefton Trophy
  • Documentary – Knight Trophy
  • Creative – Creative Trophy
  • Portrait – Bickerton Trophy
  • Chosen Subject – Eileen Huxtable Trophy
  • Landscape – Mary Hirst Trophy
  • Natural History – Natural History Trophy

Members compete for the Best All-Round Photographer award (Stansfield Trophy). 

Special Competitions

There are three special competitions with a trophy for the winner of each. Points in these competitions are not included in any other awards.

  • Theme Panel Print – Theme Panel Trophy
  • Sports PDI – Anna Pollitt Memorial Trophy
  • Scapes (Sea and Urban) PDI – Phil Mentha Memorial Trophy

Preparation of Entries

Any entry not complying with the competition criteria or following rules may be disqualified.

Projected Images¬† PDI’s should be: 1600 pixels horizontal x 1200 pixels vertical JPG files sRGB mode, preferably with an sRGB colour profile If images are smaller than this a background may be added to create a full size image, otherwise the club software will add a black background.

Prints of any size must be mounted on standard card of any colour. Mounts must be of 50cm X 40cm. Overall thickness must not exceed 4mm. Adhesive tape, Velcro or similar materials, must NOT be exposed on the back of prints to avoid damage to other prints when packed. If a backing mount is used it must be the same size as the front window mount.

Details of the Competitions

Championship Competitions – Print and PDI

These are open competitions and any subject is acceptable.

Monochrome Competition – Print Only

An open competition for any subject in a black and white image. Monochrome images, i.e. black and white images, with a single tone over the entire image are acceptable. Images with areas partially toned or coloured are not eligible.

Documentary Competition – PDI Only
The principal aim is the clear recording of the subject. The title must identify the subject accurately; poetic titles are not appropriate. Subjects could include manmade objects recorded as distinctly as possible, architecture, sport, photojournalism, domesticated animals, cultivated plants, formal flower arrangements, mounted specimens, museum groups and other items and activities, provided that each is worthy of good photographic record. Technical quality is important.

Creative Competition – Print Only

The subject is open. Creativity can be done in camera or software generated.

Portrait Competition – Print Only

May contain the whole or part of one or more persons. If only part of a figure is shown it must include a substantial part of the head. Animals by themselves are not included in this category.

Chosen Subject Competition – Decay (in all its forms) – PDI Only

This is a set subject competition with the theme decided by Council each year.

Landscape Competition – Print Only

Landscape is defined as a picture with the earth’s surface forming all or part of it. Buildings, bridges, cities, roads and other works of man are considered natural parts of landscape but should be shown in context and should not be the only elements of the picture. Thus cityscapes are not eligible. Human or animal figures and activities, if present, should be of secondary interest only and help to show the relationship between man and the landscape.

Natural History Competition – PDI Only

The principal aim is the accurate recording of living creatures and uncultivated plants shown in their natural habitat, or of geological or other natural phenomena. Any retouching or processing must not alter the truth of the photographic statement depicted in the original image. Technical quality is important and the title must identify the subject accurately. Documentary images are not allowed.

Theme Panel Competition – Print Only

The aim is to explore a theme of the photographer’s own choosing through three related photographs. These will be judged as a group of images. An overall title for each panel of three photographs should be provided, each image should not be individually titled. The images may be mounted individually (in which case the photographer must indicate on the backs of the mounts the order in which they should be displayed) or on a single standard size mount.

Sport Competition – PDI Only

Sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes/participates against another or others for entertainment. It can be amateur or professional and may contain all or part of one or more individuals.

Scapes (Sea and Urban) Competition – PDI Only

Any scape excluding Landscapes as defined above.

Developers Section

This section is for members who wish to submit images for constructive critique only. These images are non-competitive, no marks or awards will be given. These images will be critiqued anonymously. No time limit is placed on being in the Developer Section.

Images submitted in this section must comply with the competition rules as set out in the syllabus. Any member who wishes to submit images under this section should advise the Internal Competitions Organiser at the start of the season. All images submitted in this section will be eligible for use in the competitive competitions either in the format presented or as modified.

When a member chooses to be a Developer they will remain so until they choose to submit their images as a competitor in the judged competition where marks and awards will be given.
When a member has chosen to submit their images into the judged competition they then cease to be known as a Developer. This choice would be irrevocable.